Using a General Cabinet Maker or Buying Generic Cabinets

Cabinet construction is generally classed as one of the biggest investment a homeowner makes, so this can often be a big decision. The challenge is your choices are literally endless, ranging from using a general cabinet maker to off the shelf generic cabinets, however, you need to focus on some key factors, which will help you to find the right cabinets for your renovation project.

Even though it is tempting to assume your budget is the only consideration, and it is true custom cabinets can be more expensive than their stock counterparts, they don’t necessarily have to be. Even the most inexpensive kitchen is a huge investment, so when the budget isn’t the deciding factor, how do you decide?

Should you use custom or prefabricated kitchen cabinets?

Stock cabinets
IKEA is one of the biggest places which is considered a go to place for stock cabinets. Unlike anyone else, they offer mass-produced sizes, colors, finishes, and features which you can mix and match with. The pieces you order are taken from their stock supplies and transported to your home, this is when you will need to roll your sleeves up and assemble and install them. IKEA keeps their costs low because your order is in pieces, and the materials used are cheaper.

Custom cabinets
These are designed and built by a professional general cabinet maker based on your design. You will define what the sizes will be, what materials are used, and any finishes and features. Because your choice of materials and construction is literally limitless, the range of labor costs is also wide. The costs are distributed between your material and style chose, labor, and any personalized designs you want to be included.

If you are looking for something wholly unique to you, then call North Shore Cabinetry LLC in Ponchatoula, LA today on (985) 969-5395.


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